Baltimore Garbage Disposal Repairs

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It’s never fun to need Baltimore garbage disposal repairs, of course. In fact, it’s a great, big hassle. But when you get in touch with The Drain Fighter for garbage disposal repairs in Baltimore, we’ll make sure to take care of them in the most efficient, effective manner possible. We’ll do everything we can to get your repairs done as quickly as we can so you can get on with the rest of your day.

Signs You Need Your Garbage Disposal Fixed

If you notice any of the following, contact The Drain Fighter for Baltimore garbage disposal repairs. The faster you do, the faster we can get your unit back to normal.

  • You hear odd noises – This is probably the most common complaint we get when people call us for garbage disposal repairs in Baltimore. The reason this is happening is that something is probably blocking the unit. It could be a spoon, a fork or a knife that accidentally got into the opening. Try to remove the object, and then restart the disposal. If you still hear the same sound, get in touch with The Drain Fighter.
  • You smell something bad – Bad smells are also a sign something is wrong. Old waste, such as food, can produce a rank odor – and it can do so relatively quickly. Rinse out the disposal and run it a few times. If the smell persists, contact us. We know how to get rid of stubborn food particles that just refuse to leave.
  • The unit won’t start – The first thing you should do in this instance is to hit the reset button that you’ll find on the bottom of the disposal. If that doesn’t work, check to see that the breaker controlling the unit hasn’t tripped. If neither of those steps help, call us for garbage disposal repairs in Baltimore.


Turn to the Experts

The professionals with The Drain Fighter have provided Baltimore garbage disposal repairs for a long time. There’s not a problem we haven’t fixed in the past. Don’t hesitate to put us to the test whenever you like. Schedule service by contacting us online or calling (240) 704-1797.