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Baltimore Toilet Repair Services

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There are a lot of reasons why people need Baltimore toilet repair services. No matter what your reason may be, your first call should be to the expert professionals with The Drain Fighter. Not only will we take care of your toilet repair services in Baltimore MD right the first time, we’ll do so at a fair price. Here are just a few of the possible reasons you might want to get in touch with us.


This is the biggest cause of Baltimore toilet repair services. A child might have flushed a small toy down the toilet, or a homeowner may have tried to flush too much toilet paper. If you can’t remove the clog with a plunger, give The Drain Fighter a call so we can provide the toilet repair services in Baltimore MD you need.

Flapper Valve Problems

This is a part of your toilet that can easily malfunction. In other cases, it will need to be replaced simply because it’s gotten old and worn out. You may be able to adjust the valve in a way that the toilet no longer runs or flushes on its own. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then you should call a professional for toilet repair services in Baltimore MD.

Pipe Issues

If your toilet leaks, that could be a sign of a loose connection. In most cases, this means that the lining of a pipe has worn out. An expert can provide you with a quick, inexpensive fix that will take care of the problem for good.

Worn-Out Washers

If you see water starting to pool around the base of your toilet, that could be a sign that the washer has started to fail. Try tightening the bolts that secure the toilet to your bathroom floor. If that doesn’t work, an expert with The Drain Fighter will be ready to help.

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You can schedule Baltimore toilet repair services whenever you need to by calling The Drain Fighter at (240) 704-1797 or contacting us online.