Capitol Heights Garbage Disposal Repairs

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We get a lot of questions at The Drain Fighter from people who call us for Capitol Heights garbage disposal repairs. One of the most common is why their disposal is leaking. The following are just a few of the reasons your unit leaks – which is one of the garbage disposal repairs in Capitol Heights MD we perform on a regular basis. If you have any questions about any sort of plumbing problem, we’ll be more than happy to answer them.

The Reasons Garbage Disposals Leak

When you need Capitol Heights garbage disposal repairs because of a leak, one of these four culprits is probably the cause – the sink flange, the hose that runs to the dishwasher, the drainpipe, or the bottom of the disposal. Here’s some information on each.

The Flange

This is the area that sits between the disposal and the kitchen sink drain. When we perform garbage disposal repairs in Capitol Heights MD for a flange problem, we will typically loosen the screws underneath the sink, pop up the drain, and then apply new plumber’s putty. If your sink is old, the putty has probably deteriorated.

The Hose

There’s a small hose that runs from the side of the disposal to the dishwasher. Water runs from the dishwasher through this hose, and then goes through the disposal and down the drain. We will usually check the hose connections to make sure they haven’t come loose. If that’s not the issue, then we’ll usually just replace the hose entirely.

The Drainpipe

This is the larger pipe that connects to the side of the unit. If you need garbage disposal repairs in Capitol Heights MD, the reason is probably a worn gasket. Once we replace that gasket, your disposal should once again work normally.

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Whether you need Capitol Heights garbage disposal repairs, or you have some other type of problem, the experts with The Drain Fighter will be ready to take care of it. You can call (240) 704-1797 to schedule an appointment, or you can contact us online.