Gaithersburg Hydro Jetting Services

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When you schedule Gaithersburg hydro jetting services from The Drain Fighter, it will be only natural that you will wonder what to expect. We’ll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have regarding hydro jetting services in Gaithersburg MD, of course. But in the meantime, here’s a little information on what typically happens.


Before providing Gaithersburg hydro jetting services, a professional from The Drain Fighter will first take a good look at your plumbing system. This will involve sending a high-resolution camera through the problem area to find any major clogs or areas of buildup. Then they’ll check to make sure your pipes will be able to withstand hydro jetting services in Gaithersburg MD.

The reason is that a hydro jet puts out an incredibly strong burst of water. If pipes are weak or old, they might not be able to stand up to the pressure. If hydro jetting services in Gaithersburg MD won’t be safe for your pipes, then we’ll more than likely run an auger (more commonly referred to as a “snake”) to break up whatever clog exists. If you’re experiencing drainage issues and clogs far too often, it might be time to consider installing more efficient pipes.

Turning on the Hydro Jet

If your pipes are in good enough shape for us to use the hydro jet, then your plumber will look for the closest access point to run the system. They’ll insert hoses into the pipes and then activate the machine. While hydro jets can run as high as 35,000 psi, we’ll only use the amount of pressure that will be needed to clear the obstruction.

While the jet is running, the water will scour the pipes, getting rid of whatever clogs are present, as well as grease and other materials that have built up over time. All of the dislodged debris will travel through your system and be safely flushed into the main municipal line.

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