Rockville Garbage Disposal Repairs

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When you know you need Rockville garbage disposal repairs, you have two choices. You can hire an expert, or you can try to fix it yourself. At The Drain Fighter, we’ll be here for you if you decide you want to turn to us for garbage disposal repairs in Rockville MD. Here are a couple of common repair scenarios to help you decide whether you should call a pro, or you should give the DIY approach a shot.

The Disposal Doesn’t Run and is Silent

If you have this problem, and you don’t want to pay for Rockville garbage disposal repairs, it’s important that you know the reason this is happening is probably some sort of issue with the electrical supply to the unit.

The first thing to do if this is happening will be to make sure the disposal is plugged in. It’s actually pretty easy for a unit to be unplugged, as odd as that might seem. Someone may have needed something under the sink, and accidentally knocked the plug out. A lot of people call for garbage disposal repairs in Rockville MD without checking the plug first.

If that’s not the problem, press the reset button. If it pops out when you try to restart the unit, then you’ll more than likely need the help of a professional.

The Disposal Makes Noise But Doesn’t Run

If this happens, turn off the unit immediately. Most garbage disposals are designed to trip the reset button before any sort of motor damage can take place, but you still want to be on the safe side. The issue is probably that the flywheel is jammed. Here’s what to do to try and fix it.

  • Don’t just turn off the unit – turn off the circuit breaker that serves the disposal as well.
  • Free the flywheel by using an Allen wrench. Turn the wrench clockwise until the flywheel can easily move. A broom handle could work if you don’t have a wrench. Press it into the unit until the flywheel loosens.
  • Try turning the unit on again. If it still doesn’t run, call a pro for garbage disposal repairs in Rockville MD.

If you need Rockville garbage disposal repairs, contact The Drain Fighter online or call (240) 704-1797.