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When people need Rockville toilet repair services, there are times they need them very quickly. If you’re having an emergency, The Drain Fighter will be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to take care of all of your toilet repair services in Rockville MD. There are a few things you may be able to do in order to keep a disaster from occurring. Try these fixes first, because they could help reduce the amount of potential water damage that could take place.

Close the Toilet Valve

If the toilet starts to overflow, try closing the main shutoff valve before calling a pro for Rockville toilet repair services. This valve is usually located at the back of the toilet, near the tank. Turn it to where it closes if possible. If you can’t, it’s probably because that valve hasn’t been touched in several years, and it might be stuck. Contact us for toilet repair services in Rockville MD ASAP if that’s the case.

You might be able to avoid this problem in the future by turning the valve off and on a few times each month. That will help ensure you’ll be able to close it should another overflow happen.

Shut Off the Water from Inside the Tank

If the valve won’t move, then take off the tank lid and close the flapper. This is the rubber disc that should sit over the hole at the bottom of the tank right after you flush. But if the flapper isn’t open, try to lift the toilet float. This is the valve that sits on top of the tank water. It’s either in the shape of a cylinder or a ball. You might need to find something to prop it up with to keep the water shut off.

Use a Plunger

There’s a chance you can remove whatever’s causing the clog with a plunger. But if the clog is too deep inside your pipe, you’ll need a professional to provide the toilet repair services in Rockville MD that are needed to clear the obstruction.

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