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There are a lot of people who turn to The Drain Fighter for Towson drain cleaning services on a regular basis. They do this because they know we get the job taken care of correctly the first time, and all of our professionals are passionate about delivering complete customer satisfaction. But there are quite a few things you can do to avoid the need for expert drain cleaning services in Towson MD. Here are just a few to keep in mind.

Preventing Drain Cleaning Clogs

There’s not a whole lot worse than realizing you have a clog that’s so bad you need to call a plumber to provide Towson drain cleaning services. But if you follow these tips, there’s a very good chance you won’t need to have this type of work performed.

  • Never pour cooking oil or grease down your kitchen sink. It’s understandable why you would want to do this, since it’s a much more convenient alternative than pouring it into a container and then throwing it away. But oil and grease actually stick to your pipes – a lot of people aren’t aware that’s the case. The more that gets into your drain, of course, the more will accumulate. Over time, that accumulation can lead to a really troublesome clog.
  • Every once in a while – probably about once a week – think about boiling some water and pouring it down the drain. If there are any food particles in your pipes, that water will help clear them out. There’s a very good chance you won’t need drain cleaning services in Towson MD as a result.
  • Try to avoid letting certain types of food get into your drain. This means things like pieces of eggshells and potato skins, as well as coffee grounds. These can easily cause a clog that will require professional drain cleaning services in Towson MD.
  • When you use your garbage disposal, always run cold water at the same time. This will help make sure waste materials continue through your plumbing.

If you ever need Towson drain cleaning services, the experts with The Drain Fighter will be ready. Just contact us online or call (240) 704-1797.