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You might think that you can save a few bucks on Waldorf drain cleaning services by using chemical store-bought cleaners. But if you do this, you’ll potentially be doing a lot of damage to the plumbing in your home. You should get in touch with The Drain Fighter for drain cleaning services in Waldorf MD instead. Here’s some information on how drain cleaners work, and the damage they can do.

Drain Cleaners 101

When people purchase drain cleaners instead of turning to a professional for Waldorf drain cleaning services, they might not realize there are two types of chemical products – oxidizing and caustic. Oxidizing cleaners remove clogs through the use of nitrates. These substances dissolve any organic materials that make up the clog by releasing heat as well as gas.

Caustic drain cleaners do their jobs in a slightly different way. They contain alkaline chemicals as well as hydroxide ions. These both work together to generate a great deal of heat. When this happens, the clog becomes sudsy and soapy, and – hopefully – moves on down the drain.

Why Chemical Drain Cleaners are Dangerous

Unfortunately, if you use a store-bought cleaner instead of contacting an expert to provide drain cleaning services in Waldorf MD, that can really do a number on your pipes. A lot of people keep using these cleaners over and over again. But the substances inside of them can, over time, ruin the materials that make up your pipes.

What a lot of people don’t realize is that chemical drain cleaners really aren’t that effective when it comes to clogs that are located farther down a drain. The chemicals might break the clog down to the point to where water will drain properly. But it will only be a matter of time before more material gets added to the clog, and it builds right back up. You’d be much better off contacting a professional for drain cleaning services in Waldorf MD.

The Drain Fighter are the ones you should turn to first for Waldorf drain cleaning services. You can use our online form to schedule service, or you can call (240) 704-1797.