Waldorf Video Pipe Inspections

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How do Waldorf video pipe inspections work? The Drain Fighter has a team of experts who have a great deal of experience in performing video pipe inspections in Waldorf MD. We also have a huge commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction. We’ll be more than happy to answer whatever questions you may have at any time. Here’s a little information that will give you a better idea of how these inspections work.

Video Inspections 101

The cameras used in Waldorf video pipe inspections, as you might imagine, have to be waterproof so they can function inside a sewer line or plumbing pipe. When we come to your home, we insert the camera into a pipe. It’s mounted on a flexible hose so we can move it deep into your lines, around corners and other hard-to-reach areas.

When performing video pipe inspections in Waldorf MD, the technician will be watching a high-resolution monitor while maneuvering the camera through your pipes. Not only do we use this to spot any sort of clog that might have developed, we also look for any cracks or other issues in the pipe. The video that’s produced can be recorded so you can look at it in the future if necessary.

What to Expect

Video pipe inspections in Waldorf MD are incredibly efficient, and incredibly convenient. Up until a few years ago, when someone called a plumber because they had a leak in their line, the plumber would have to use very destructive methods to find the spot where the leak was occurring. This often meant tearing up a customer’s yard, or even having to tear out drywall.

Video technology has thankfully made that practice a thing of the past. Now, the plumber simply goes to the nearest access point, slides in the camera and checks to pinpoint the location of a leak, a clog, or any other problem. You’ll find out in a matter of minutes what used to take days to uncover.

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