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When you need Baltimore drain cleaning services, you’ll want to turn to The Drain Fighter first. We’re true experts in providing drain cleaning services in Baltimore MD, so you can rest assured we’ll take care of your job first the right time. Our company has earned a lot of trust over the more than 15 years that we’ve been in business, and we would very much like the opportunity to earn your trust as well.

Is it Time for a Drain Cleaning?

There are times where you’ll need professional Baltimore drain cleaning services, rather than pouring harsh chemicals down your sink, toilet or tub to remove a stubborn clog. If you notice any of the following, you should seriously consider getting in touch with an expert.

  • Standing water – If there is water that just refuses to go down the drain – whether it’s your washing machine, your shower or anything else, that means you have a serious clog in your plumbing. That clog is probably so big that the average store-bought drain cleaner won’t get rid of it. That’s when you’ll need a company that offers expert drain cleaning services in Baltimore MD. The Drain Fighter will get rid of that clog for good.
  • The drains move much slower than normal – Is there still water on your shower floor 30 minutes after you’ve taken your shower? There’s not as much as there was, but it’s still noticeable. That’s another sign you have a clog that needs to be professionally removed.
  • You’re smelling something foul – This is probably the worst way to find out that you need drain cleaning services in Baltimore MD. If you’re smelling something weird, and the odor just keeps getting worse, that could very well mean there’s some sewage or food stuck in your plumbing.

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Whenever you have a problem with your drains, contact The Drain Fighter for the very best Baltimore drain cleaning services available. You can use our convenient online form to get in touch, or you can give us a call at (240) 704-1797.