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There are a lot of things people put down their drains that can lead to the need for Bowie drain cleaning services. It’s kind of surprising some of the things we find at The Drain Fighter when we provide drain cleaning services in Bowie MD. If possible, try to avoid pouring any of the following items down your drains, or flushing them down your toilet.

Ear Cleaning Swabs

When someone flushes a swab, it won’t be long until they’ll be calling for Bowie drain cleaning services. The same goes for makeup pads and cotton balls. The reason is that these items are made of cotton, and cotton absorbs water. When they do, they expand, and they can easily become lodged in a home’s pipes. It will only be a matter of time before a plumber will have to come out to perform drain cleaning services in Bowie MD.

Craft Supplies

Yes, you might not know that people will sometimes pour things like grease, adhesives and other things they use when building something like a model airplane or something else. These adhesives block the pipes, making it almost a certainty that they’ll need drain cleaning services in Bowie MD sooner than later.

Household Grease

It’s natural for many people to pour grease down their drain after they’re done cooking a meal. But as time goes by, this grease will accumulate on the walls of pipes, making it harder and harder for other materials to pass through plumbing. Once the accumulation gets to a certain point, that will cause a clog that requires professional help.

Kitty Litter

There are lots of litter brands out there that advertise you can flush their product down the toilet, rather than having to scoop the litter into a bag. But just because a company claims that something’s flushable, that’s not necessarily the case. All litter clumps – that’s why you can scoop it up in the first place. Eventually, those clumps are going to settle into your drains and not go anywhere.

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