Bowie Garbage Disposal Repairs

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One of the biggest reasons people need Bowie garbage disposal repairs is that their unit isn’t draining. If this is happening to you, the obvious choice will be to get in touch with The Drain Fighter. We’re not only experts in garbage disposal repairs in Bowie MD, as the name of company suggests, we’re experts in clearing drains as well. When you turn to us, you can rest assured that we’ll take care of your problem quickly and efficiently, and we’ll always take care of the job correctly the first time.

Why Your Garbage Disposal Doesn’t Drain

If you’re looking for Bowie garbage disposal repairs due to a lack of draining, that means there’s some sort of clog. You might think you could take care of your own garbage disposal repairs in Bowie MD, but if the clog is too far down your pipe, this could become a very difficult thing to do. You’ll be much better off getting in touch with The Drain Fighter.

How We’ll Fix the Problem

A lot of people might try DIY garbage disposal repairs in Bowie MD by using a plunger. This could work, as long as the clog is fairly close to the unit. But if it’s farther down, as stated earlier, a plunger might not get the job done.

What we’ll more than likely do will be to take the drainpipe off of the disposal and clear it out. We’ll also check the “trap.” This is the curved portion of the pipe located under the sink. As the name implies, it “traps” certain items, making sure they don’t head out to your city’s water system. If you’ve ever lost a ring in your kitchen sink while rinsing off your dishes, you’ll be very thankful that trap is there.

Unfortunately, gunk and other debris can sometimes clog the trap. We’ll clean it out thoroughly, in addition to snaking the pipe just in case the clog is farther down.

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