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There are lots of instances where people actually don’t need Capitol Heights drain cleaning services. If they have a good plunger, they can probably get rid of the average clog. But when a clog is deeper down a drain than a plunger can reach, you’ll need drain cleaning services in Capitol Heights MD. The Drain Fighter has powerful tools that can get rid of the most stubborn clogs. The following is information on just two of them.


You’ve no doubt seen a drain snake used when you needed Capitol Heights drain cleaning services before. This is basically a very long, and very flexible cable made of metal. The professional keeps feeding the snake down the drain, and the auger at the end of the cable breaks up the clog do it can be flushed out of your plumbing completely.

There are, however, some instances where an expert providing drain cleaning services in Capitol Heights MD will use the auger to hook onto the clog, and pull it back out of the drain as the cable comes back up.

In either case, the result is a clear drain that won’t cause any problems for a very long time.

Water Jetting

When a drain has a particularly troublesome clog, a company may need to use a water jet when performing drain cleaning services in Capitol Heights MD. A water jet, as the name implies, shoots out a powerful stream of water, blasting away anything in its path while keeping your pipes safe. Water jetting can break up not only grease and sediment, but even any tree roots that might have punched their way into your plumbing.

The water jet is a heavy-duty machine that has a tank and a high-powered hose. The plumber will feed the hose into your sewer line, typically at what is known as a “cleanout.” The water comes out of the hose in several different directions to thoroughly clean your drains.

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