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When people call The Drain Fighter for Gaithersburg garbage disposal repairs, they do so for a number of different reasons. Our professionals are experts in garbage disposal repairs in Gaithersburg MD, you can choose us with confidence because we’ll know how to fix any kind of issue you might be having. But you might also be wondering if you should repair your disposal, or you should replace it. Here’s some information to help you make your decision.

What Kind of Problem are You Having?

There are many types of Gaithersburg garbage disposal repairs we handle at The Drain Fighter. The three most common ones are leaks, clogs and jams. The kind of problem you’re having will go a long way toward determining whether you’ll be better off with garbage disposal repairs in Gaithersburg MD, or if buying a new unit will be the more sensible choice.

If there’s some sort of leak, that’s probably because a seal has failed. While you could replace it, you’ll probably be looking at anywhere from $150 to $700 to do so. If your unit is older, a failed seal will be very common. You’ll probably be better off just buying a new disposal.

What if you just have a clogged disposal, and you can’t get rid of the clog. This is a case where you’ll definitely be better off calling a professional for garbage disposal repairs in Gaithersburg MD. A clog is much less expensive than buying a new unit, regardless of how old it is. If the disposal is still working fine (other than the clog, of course), there’ll be no reason to replace it.

A jammed disposal will usually fall into the same category. If you can’t fix it on your own – and it would probably be better if you didn’t try – then calling a pro will be better than buying a new one.

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