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Rockville hydro jetting services from The Drain Fighter can make a lot of plumbing problems disappear for good. We have a great deal of experience providing hydro jetting services in Rockville MD, so you’ll always be able to count on us to take care of your problem correctly the first time. But you can also count on us to make the right decision. If you’re pipes are old or weak, hydro jetting might not be the best idea. We’ll closely inspect your system and recommend the right approach to clearing whatever obstructions exist.

Hydro Jetting and Tree Roots

When people contact us for Rockville hydro jetting services, they’re often surprised to learn that the culprit causing their clogged drain is actually a tree root. Trees look for water wherever they can find it – even if that means using their roots to push through a pipe to get to it. Hydro jetting services in Rockville MD are powerful enough to get rid of those roots, as well as whatever other types of obstructions may exist.

But there are times where tree roots can do a great deal of damage to a pipe – especially an older one. If that’s the case, hydro jetting services in Rockville MD could actually make things worse. Your plumber will likely recommend using a snake to clear your drain instead.

That brings up a question a lot of people ask, “What’s the difference between using a snake and a hydro jet?” There’s a huge difference. Hydro jetting completely cleans out the inside of a pipe, flushing out all debris.

A snake, on the other hand, does a great job of chewing up clogs, breaking them apart so they move on through your system and water can once again flow properly. However, it won’t clear out all of the gunk that might have accumulated on the walls of the pipe. It’s great for older or weak pipes, but it doesn’t provide nearly as extensive the cleaning.

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