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Waldorf Garbage Disposal Repairs

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If you ever need Waldorf garbage disposal repairs, you can always turn to the experts with The Drain Fighter. We’ve provided garbage disposal repairs in Waldorf MD for more than 20 years, so you can rest assured we’ll be able to quickly determine what’s wrong and fix the issue. But if you would rather avoid the need for repairs, there are a few things that you can do.

Prevent Smells

A lot of people contact us for Waldorf garbage disposal repairs because they notice strange odors coming from their unit. But you can avoid this smelly situation from happening in the first place. Once you’ve used your disposal, run some cold water in the unit and keep it running after everything you put down the disposal has gone through. Then pour in a little liquid dish soap, and keep it running for about another minute. You can also add some orange or lemon peels in the disposal to make it smell extra fresh.

Using dish soap will deliver another benefit. It will help keep the blades clean, which will help you avoid needing garbage disposal repairs in Waldorf MD.

Put Blade-Friendly Foods in the Disposal

You can also help keep the blades sharp buy putting certain items in the disposal. These include egg shells, pieces of fruit pits and small bones. These will not only keep your blades clean, it will also help keep them sharp.

What Not to Do

If you really want to avoid having to call us for garbage disposal repairs in Waldorf MD, remember that there are a lot of things that should never go inside the unit. These include any sort of paper products, as well as grease. Also avoid putting things like onion skins and celery stalks down the disposal. These are very fibrous materials that could jam the blades, as well as the rest of the unit.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with The Drain Fighter for the highest-quality Waldorf garbage disposal repairs. You can give us a call at (240) 704-1797 or contact us online.